Process. Design and development.
Efficiency is the first factor to take into account, followed by sustainability and application cost in terms of labour, transport costs and the product price itself.

And finally, respect for the nature and ecology, designing low impact solutions, not just for the present but also for the future when they´ll be recycled.

The importance of efficiency lies on the considerable cost reduction, both in the construction site and in the environment.
Holveus® is a Jombar brand and it comprises the design and development services of solutions to efficiently cover concrete hollowcore slabs.
The design process of a Holveus® plug starts with the submission of the section drawings of the hollowcore slab that we want to cover.

Then, we create a model with the exact dimensions using extruded polystyrene that will allow a preliminary test in terms of application and resistance characteristics.

In the next step, our 3D printing division creates a prototype, which is tested in a simulated slab. If the result is good, then it´s tested in the real concrete slab.

With the approval of the client, we start the production choosing the appropriate materials from different points of view.
The application of an efficient hollowcore slab plug should reduce the concrete use, which results in calculating and building lighter structures. This means less impact on the natural environment.

But also, labour costs are reduced, making the construction more profitable, safe and sustainable.

A hollowcore plug can´t be a coloured ornament that eases consciences. This is why our Holveus® plugs are based on a specific concept, upon which the design process, development and production are carried out.

And the result is always an efficient plug.
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We design and manufacture custom hollowcore slab caps.