Holveus® is a product-service. We design and manufacture plugs for hollowcore slabs of pre-stressed concrete. We also manufacture  standard models that you can see at the page "Models".

It is a highly efficient product due to its easy installation process. And it is also extremely safe because it does not move into the holes by the pressure caused by fresh concrete.

It stays in place during the transportation by lorry to the work site.

It is highly adaptable to irregularities on the surface of the holes due to the quality of the raw material used in its manufacture.

Each Holveus® model adapts to several hole sections, thanks to the physical properties of the material and its different pieces that comprise it.
Holveus® really adapts the outlines of the hollowcore holes. Unlike other improvised or poorly designed sealing systems, our plugs efficiently comply with their function.
Holveus® adapts to uneven and varied contours. This small percentage of irregular holes that appear in any batch is not a problem for out plugs. Holveus® has two types of fixing parts to get the perfect fastening. The cap and two types of fixing elements to cover all needs: central or gamma parts and perimeter.

When we decided to create Holveus® -as always, due to our clients´ requests, who always set us on the path- our aim was to provide a solution to their needs.

In this respect, there are two points that the classic or improvised plugs do not solve: they should stay in place without moving under all normal circumstances in the work site without collapsing, preventing the concrete getting through, and they should also stay in place during the transportation of the hollow core slabs.  To it is added that they shouldn´t sink into the holes when they are placed, with an easy installation and with an optimised space for their transport.

Holveus® takes up little space during its transport due to the flat plates, so a box can hold hundreds of them. It is easy to put in place, even under the worst circumstances. As easy as any other, or even easier. The fact that it is made up of two elements does not represent a loss of time. The time that workers will spend placing this product has been also taken into account when choosing the material. Their hands will not suffer because of the use of Holveus®.
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We design and manufacture custom hollowcore slab caps.